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  1. Deep Dive: Mastering the Art of Effective Storytelling with Data

    In the session we'll uncover the secrets behind crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience, drive informed decisions, and help transform your data into a strategic asset and help you share the right data story and tailor for the business stakeholders you are managing. Join Mignon to discover the art of data-driven storytelling. This…

  2. Data Strategy in the Age of AI

    This engaging session is designed to guide you through the essential components required to initiate a robust Data Strategy, tailored to thrive in the era of AI. Drawing on real-world international use-cases, hands-on experience, lessons learnt and proven frameworks, this session will equip you with the essential tools and insights needed to embark confidently on…

  3. Deep Dive: Mastering the Art of Effective Storytelling with Data

    Data is often referred to as the new currency of the modern business world. Simply collecting masses of data isn't enough. To truly harness its power and drive meaningful insights, we need to master the art of effective storytelling with data. As part of this session, we will explore the transformative impact of data-driven storytelling…

  4. How Heineken and Other Organisations Improved Operations Planning With Expanded Access to SAP Data Insights

    Discover how Heineken improved data quality, enhanced shipment performance, and built trust in operational data by implementing Angles Enterprise for SAP from insightsoftware, enabling quick access to SAP data and better insights into supply chain processes. This content is for Mastering SAP Premium Access members only.Log In Join Now

  5. Data First – Backbone to a Successful Transformation

    The future of business demands a solid data foundation. So why treat digital transformation the same way you did 15 years ago? It’s time for a shift in how we think about data. Data is the backbone of your transformation success! We’ll dive into why a Data First approach is a must, share stories from…

  6. Simplifying SAP Cloud Migration – The Full Stack Way

    Discover how full-stack administrators and AI-driven unified cloud management platforms can streamline cloud migrations, automating up to 95% of actions, and understand why SAP Basis consultants must evolve into full-stack administrators to remain competitive and add significant business value. This content is for Mastering SAP Premium Access members only.Log In Join Now

  7. Deep Dive: SAP Business AI: Making AI Work for Enterprises From Hype to Reality

    Explore how SAP's Business AI offerings transform generative AI from hype to reality, enhancing enterprise processes across Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, and HR with embedded AI and custom models. This content is for Mastering SAP Premium Access members only.Log In Join Now

  8. Pioneering Transactional Carbon Accounting: CFOs Harnessing the Power of the Green Ledger

    By embracing SAP's Green Ledger, CFOs navigate compliance, fortify investor trust, and proactively manage risks. Let's explore & unveil the power of precise sustainability reporting in driving financial excellence and responsible stewardship. Come and experience the live demo of the Green Ledger solution - an exciting showcase you won't want to miss! This content is…

  9. Implementing Effective Controls in your Organisation

    Learn how to manage Segregation of Duty (SOD) risks in SAP security by defining effective controls and ensuring their efficiency, crucial for operating within resource constraints and maintaining a robust GRC program. This content is for Mastering SAP Premium Access members only.Log In Join Now

  10. Embarking on your SAP AI Journey. It Starts with Challenging Business Assumptions.

    Australian organisations are in the early stages of fully leveraging AI in their operations. AI is surrounded by hype, misconception and unknown risks that are leaving Australia behind with AI adoption. Yet, to get the most value out of SAP business AI, business leaders need to start challenging their business assumptions. This presentation aims to…