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  1. Establish DevOps Practices for SAP during your SAP RISE and SAP Modernization Program

    The integration of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise and the Business Technology Platform (BTP) enables organizations to provide omnichannel access and continuous innovation. Learn how to balance business needs with IT governance requirements using DevOps practices, business process intelligence, and the Tricentis Quality Engineering Platform during your SAP RISE program.
  2. Maximising the Value of your GRC Investment – The Importance of Defining a GRC Roadmap

    Enhance the value of your access control (GRC) solution by involving both IT and business users, ensuring a comprehensive roadmap that drives optimal returns on investment and reduces fraud risk. This session emphasizes the importance of creating a structured roadmap document to guide implementation tasks, ownership, and timelines, fostering awareness and accountability throughout the organization.
  3. Masterclass: Single Source, ONE Truth – Have Real Time Info Anytime!

    Harness the power of a single source of truth to drive the success and sustainability of your business transformation project. By adopting a process-based approach, fostering transparency, and enabling analysis and retrospection, a single source of truth establishes a solid foundation for efficient and effective operations.
  4. Increase SAP Resilience and Unlock Innovation with the only SAP Certified Security, Business Monitoring and Observability Platform

    Explore how customers have successfully consolidated their SAP landscape, achieving cost reduction and driving revenue growth through streamlined observability, security, compliance, integrations, and business operations monitoring and alerting.
  5. Masterclass: Cutting Edge Development and DevOps with UI5

    Embrace the power of cutting-edge UI5 development and DevOps methodologies to accelerate your business’s growth. This session will guide you through the creation of a UI5 app with end-to-end testing capabilities, implementation of Continuous Integration for automated quality assurance, and customization of DevOps processes to optimize production readiness.
  6. Process-driven Software Development on BTP with Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) and Decision Model Notation (DMN)

    BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) and DMN (Decision Model Notation) are powerful tools for visualizing and automating complex business processes. This session showcases an architecture that integrates BPMN and DMN engines with SAP BTP, enabling automated execution and flexibility for process-driven software development. By leveraging this integration, organizations can streamline their processes, automate decision-making, and…
  7. The Future of Finance

    Emmaleigh spoke about the evolution, and more excitingly, the future of finance departments. She also discussed how finance teams can transform from ‘keeping the lights on’ to delivering the necessary insights for efficient business steering, and how managers can enable and empower the future generation of accountants. As well as discussing the transformation of finance…
  8. Digitisation and Modernising Work Order Management

    Jorg Thuijls and Julia Exelby take you through how to capture real time information to facilitate better business decisions. Learn how moving away from cumbersome manual process can bridge the gap between business and data, simplifying workflows, improving overall efficiency and making employee’s lives easier. Learn how tools available through the Business Technology Platforms radically…
  9. Mobile Start and WorkZone – SAP’s Best Kept Secret

    Jorg Thuijls from DalRae Solutions leads an informative discussion about modern SAP mobile capabilities. In an era of smartphones Mobile Start and SAP WorkZone make accessing your business applications and data easy and efficient, boosting productivity and streamlining operations.
  10. BTP Plays Well with Others (Joint Reference Architecture)

    A joint reference architecture can demonstrate how SAP BTP works seamlessly with other technologies by providing a clear, visual representation of the various components and how they integrate with one another. By showing how these different technologies work together to deliver a cohesive solution, a reference architecture can help businesses to better understand the value…